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What is the difference between a garden designer and a landscaper?

It’s a question I often get asked and I understand that many people haven’t ever gone through this process before, so its all new.

In basic terms, a designer is like an architect and a landscaper is like a builder.  Some designers just do design, but others design and manage the project.

We pride ourselves on our all in one service, which means we can design the garden, tender the construction and then plant it up using our award winning in house planting team.

We never recommend using builders to create gardens, only landscapers … you wouldn’t ask a landscaper to build you a house would you?

A word of WARNING: Some landscapers advertise ‘design and build services’ – just check who designed it. ┬áThere are a couple of landscapers out there advertising our gardens as theirs, so be careful, as your finished garden may not look like the one on their website!