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Garden Design

Choosing your garden designer

When looking for a garden designer or landscaper, it’s very important to choose a company who’s style you absolutely love. Different garden designers have different passions, so make sure you choose a garden designer you get along with and that shares your vision.

“The best gardens are always a combination of three things; a great client, a shared vision and a realistic budget”

I’d love to invite you to come to our studio for a complimentary consultation, and I’ll personally guide you on a tour of the beautiful Italianate gardens here at Renishaw Hall*.  We can then discuss your project in more detail over you’re favourite coffee.  If you then feel that we’re the right design company for you, I’ll arrange to visit site with our surveyor to gain measurements, levels and produce a site analysis.

Or if you’d rather I come to see you at home, call the office to book a design consultation.

“Fast. Low budget. Great Quality. You can only ever choose two.  If it’s fast and low budget, the quality always suffers. If it’s low budget and great quality, its painfully slow and if it’s fast and great quality its expensive!”

Does location matter?

Yes and no.  It depends how much input you need and whether you want the designer to monitor the project or not.  We generally work within a 2 hour radius of our office, thus covering a huge area including some of our most popular locations:

  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Harrogate
  • Cawthorne
  • Northampton
  • Leicester
  • Lincoln
  • Linton
  • Derbyshire villages
  • Cambridge
  • Nottingham and surrounding villages
  • Chester
  • Manchester

*Between April and October