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“Give me wow factor and the job is yours”

Posted on 10th June 2012

Creating small rooms within a large garden can often make a space feel much bigger.  But when a client wants his guests to be wowed, by the scale of the entire site in one big, immediate wham, its time to open up the space … and the possibilities!

“Give me wow factor and the job is yours”

Its not very often you get a perfectly level site to work on, but this garden was pretty much level to begin with.  The soil was also beautiful, as according to the owners, it had once been a market garden.

The creation of a 15m long water feature had to be perfect, and the 2 narrow rills with gentle flowing water, meet in this central reflection pool which is simply stunning.  The two benches either side, surrounded by highly scented Lavender, are the perfect place to sit and stare into the pool, observing the cloud shapes and movements as they are reflected in the water.

“When Lee suggested this radical scheme, I have to admit I was scared!”


When you tare out existing gardens for a living, its very easy to overlook how daunting this can be for the person who actually lives in the house.  Our clients who resided here were split 50/50.  The lady of the house was nervous to say the least!

The existing garden was a well maintained space, and pretty low maintenance.  The evergreens made great all year round structure, but the conifers planted centrally to the lawn were dominating the whole site and along with an old concrete path, were dividing the garden in two.

By removing the central path and conifers, we managed to open up the whole garden and add in colour, height and a calming air of formality.  The lighting used in the water feature really gives the garden another dimension at night, and when viewed from the house, the up-lit trees look absolutely stunning.

I’m happy to say that the clients are delighted with the finished garden, and I have to admit … it does look pretty stunning, and one thing that’s not in short supply is wow factor!