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From room to room, a garden design within a garden design!

Posted on 23rd February 2015

This project is a great example of a large back garden which not only sloped from front to rear, but also significantly from left to right, and where the client wanted a level lawn.  The space was divided up into several areas to create outdoor rooms, meaning there is a seat in the sun whatever time of day (presuming it’s shining of course!).


The black limestone paved area contrasts with the white rendered house, and these large step platforms by the back door lead onto a patio area complete with bistro table and chairs.  Decking walkways link two further patio ‘rooms’ and finally around the lawn down to the shaded woodland area.  A beautiful old bench, painted deep purple is highlighted by the black stemmed bamboo plants which grow in planting pockets behind.


The whole garden is finished with a very limited planting scheme, giving a modern blocky feel.  The plants are, in the main, low maintenance and have matured well year on year.

A stainless steel water feature give a gentle rippling sound, and adds a reflective quality to the garden.

“I really love the way you have layered the plants for maximum effect.  In spring the grasses are really low, lush and green, the up shoot the Allium ‘Purple Sensation’.  As soon as these have finished flowering, the Veronica start to grow taller along with the grasses … almost as if they are racing to see who will flower first.  As the Veronica flower, so too do the Calamagrostis” Mr Pack