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The Outdoor Kitchen

Posted on 26th January 2016

Outdoor kitchens have come a long way in recent years and modern design and technology can now bring almost any element of comfort and convenience to the outdoor cooking area. No longer do you need to stand over hot coals getting smoke in your eyes and incinerating your food. Cooking outdoors can be just as sophisticated as in any well equipped kitchen.

When planning your outdoor kitchen the first consideration is how to make the most of your space. The area is intrinsically going to be a social space for the family to spend quality time together and for entertaining friends in a fun and informal way. Make sure that the cooking and preparation area do not isolate the ‘chef’ and consider design options that make conversation and interaction possible throughout the cooking and serving of the meal.

The main focus of the outdoor kitchen will be the BBQ, gas BBQ’s are quick to get up to temperature, easier to control and give more consistent results but lack the flavour intensity of a real wood or coal fired BBQ, a multi fuel BBQ could be the answer to this dilemma which combines the best features of both options. The BBQ can be integrated into food preparation and serving areas and a variety of stylish and functional materials are available. Make sure that you get advice with the design because combustible materials need to be insulated from the heat and the gas supply needs to be housed in a safe position with good access for replacing the cylinder and turning the supply on and off. If you are planning to create your kitchen under the cover of a roof then ventilation is also a vital consideration.

Think about other fun features such as a food smoker, an outdoor fridge and/or beverage centre, a pizza or bread oven – which can also be used for roasts and tandoori style cooking .

Services such as a water and electricity supply and storage of utensils and serving dishes as well as a clutter free route to the house will all need to be factored in to the overall design.