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Snowdrops are here at last

Posted on 11th February 2013

I cant believe its February already and as we progress through the months with speed, my thoughts are drawn to spring. The days are very slowly getting longer, but the temperatures seem to be getting colder. During autumn, when I think of February, I class it as ‘nearly spring’ but in actual fact it’s a much colder month than December and January at times. That said the cold weather is just the stimulus some bulbs need in order for them to burst into bloom. Take the snowdrop for example, a tiny flower with such a delecate head, but looking its best this month especially when planted in large drifts.

Galanthus (snowdrops) naturalise and spread quite rapidly when happy and over 5-10 years will form the most beautiful carpet of white. Try and visit a open garden this month and you’ll see what I mean. Choose a clear day when the sky is an intense blue. Take with you a waterproof rug to lay down on and see the world from the woodland floor, just like a snowdrop would. It’s a beautiful place to be (and to take photographs from). If its not frozen solid, the earthy smell of the humus rich soil is wonderful and there will often be a layer of crunchy leaves still remaining from autumn, partially decomposed which add to the aroma. Getting up close and personal with plants in this way really gives you a chance to appreciate their beauty. Lift up the little nodding head and see the beauty within.