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Outdoor Lighting

Posted on 19th January 2016

To maximise the use of your outdoor rooms for relaxing and entertaining the use of outdoor lighting can greatly extend the days and seasons and enhance the mood and experience.

Careful planning of the type and positioning of outdoor lights can create stunning effects. Modern systems can be controlled from a mobile device giving you the ability to alter the brightness and change the effect remotely. When designing your lighting for the garden there are several design techniques to consider.

If you have any strong, vertical features or specimen trees and plants with a bold form then silhouette lighting can pick them out enhancing their presence in the night time garden and creating bold shadows. To create this effect light is shone directly at these features with a clean, sharp, bright white beam, the effect is enhanced if there is a pale background structure behind the feature to capture the silhouettes.

Shining a light downwards from high up in a feature (also known as ‘moonlighting’) creates soft and interesting shadows on the ground, this is a subtle and natural effect for a patio or walkway and gives the impression of a clear moonlit night.

Low, spreading light creates a pooled effect on pathways and seating areas that looks stunning from a distance and helps to give feeling of arrival and can draw you into the space. Low lighting tilted upwards is also effective if placed within feature plants or distinctive plant groupings to increase intrigue at night, it gives a sense of the surroundings and can be used to create a layered effect if placed in several different spots in a garden or planting scheme. Coloured lights can create a magical effect in this way, especially if placed to shine up the trunks of trees and large shrubs into the canopy. Subtle colour change adds a fairy-tale interest to this if you enjoy an ever changing background.

Underwater lighting in pools and ponds should also be considered as the sparkling effect of the rippled water surface also adds illumination and movement in a subtle but inviting way.