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More garden makeovers please

Posted on 22nd June 2012

Things have gone a little quiet on the gardening TV makeover front, and I wish they’d bring back Homefront.  What a fabulous programe.  I’d love to indulge myself as a designer by creating fabulous new gardens for people with crazy ideas.  I’m very keen to design an outdoor room based on a Baroque style modern space (complete with all weather outdoor rugs and lighting controlled by your i phone!)

If you’re not ready for that just quite yet, but are looking for some new garden makeover programs, the great news is that we’ve teamed back up with Spear & Jackson, to film a few more new ones.  This time we’ll be creating full makeovers of some really beautiful spaces and showing you exactly how to do it yourself.  For now though, why not watch the one below on how to lay a patio.