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Every good show needs a great support act

Posted on 4th March 2013

Every good show needs a great support act .. … and every good flower border needs great plant supports too. Plant supports are one of those things in life where it’s so much easier to be prepared. By placing wire plant supports over tall growing herbaceous perennials BEFORE they get too tall, will mean that the lush new growth will hide the metal support, and the flower spikes should remain upright whatever the British weather throws our way. A cut above If you didn’t cut back Roses and clematis last month, or you still haven’t trimmed back the herbaceous grasses (those which die down in winter) then now is your last chance. Cut just above an outward facing bud and at a slight angle. In the case of ornamental grasses, use your fingers like a ‘comb’ and pull our any dead leaves, or cut off at about 10cm above ground level.