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Bring the Garden indoors to celebrate the winter!

Deepest winter is a time for battening down the hatches, keeping cosy and warm and celebrating Christmas with family and friends and it’s a time of the year when we often neglect our gardens for a while. Your garden will read more

Planting A Succession Of Bulbs

November can feel cold, grey, damp and depressing so why not plan ahead for a cheerful start to the new growing season by ordering and planting a succession of bulbs. November is not too late to plant bulbs, especially as read more

Bonfire Night and Fire pits

When used safely, fire pits are a great way for friends and family to gather and keep warm for a winter BBQ or a hearty bowl of warming stew, or curry. read more

We were featured on Houzz!

We were featured on Houzz! Autmn-cozy gardens, patios and balconies. Read the editorial ideabook here! read more

Recognising Honey fungus and what to do about it

Honey fungus is the dreaded fungal disease that seriously affects and often kills a wide range of woody plant species. It is very difficult to eradicate once you have it and stopping the spread can only be achieved with early read more

Preparing Your Lawn For Winter

Autumn is a time when your grass seems to slow down its growth and you can have a bit of respite from the weekly mowing chore, but underground your grass plants are busy growing new roots and ’tillering’ (growing side read more

Summer living – including how to make a cob oven

There is no better way to end the day than to be able to sit outside and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or family or just by yourselves so why not make it extra special by adding some magic read more

Colour In The Garden

Many of us develop our gardens and borders over time and they have a tendency to evolve as time goes on and can end up being rather a ‘pick and mix’ of plants in terms of colours, texture, form and read more

Creating a Decorative Potager

Growing vegetables doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a separate area of the garden that looks like an allotment and keeps your production area out of the way of your ornamental garden. Indeed many vegetables are highly decorative read more

Caring for Ponds and Aquatic Plants

Ponds are a super addition to any garden, they enrich the environment by adding diversity to your planting, bring wildlife and biodiversity and add depth by reflecting light and moving water will also add sound. However, if not cared for read more


Helleborus orientalis is a very variable species that will self-seed readily and will produce a wide range of flower colours and shapes in its offspring, it also hybridises freely and the resulting Helleborus x hybridus are equally variable. You will read more

Growing Broad Beans

There are many different types of beans to choose from that have different habits, harvesting seasons and flavours. Now is the time to start sowing beans for eating fresh in their pods, freshly shelled or dried for winter use. The read more

Winter Planting Inspiration

Winter doesn’t have to be a dull time in the garden. If you choose plant combinations carefully with consideration for all four seasons it is easy to get structure, colour and scent in the garden during the winter time. If read more


Sedum are a genus of mainly succulents or fleshy-leaved herbaceous perennials that grow best in open sunny positions and tolerate poor, free draining soils. Wet soils can lead to rotting and overly fertile soils will promote too much vegetative growth read more

The Genus Salvia

The Genus Salvia contains a diverse range of decorative and culinary plants... read more

All Year Round Colour and Interest

Heuchera are among the most versatile of herbaceous perennials... read more

Dwarf Fruit Trees

February through to mid-March is a good time to plant fruit trees... read more

Automated Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers are surely the tool of the future... read more

A Guide to Box Blight

Box blight is a fungal disease that causes severe dieback of box plants creating extensive... read more
Outdoor Kitchen Inspired Garden Design

The Outdoor Kitchen

Think about other fun features such as a food smoker, an outdoor fridge and/or beverage centre... read more

Outdoor Lighting

Careful planning of the type and positioning of outdoor lights can create stunning effects.... read more

The Outdoor Living Room

... generating spaces for outdoor living, creating outdoor versions of kitchens, dining rooms and relaxation spaces. read more

Terrarium revival – what they are, how to make one and keep it. Ideas for modern and traditional versions. New year new project

Terraria are miniature versions of the famous ‘Wardian case’ which was a early type of mini greenhouse invented by a botanist called Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in the early 1800’s. His original aim was to try and grow plants in read more

Sarcococca – The Christmas Box

refers to the fact that they come into flower about Christmas time and fill the air with a magnificent scent.... read more

Our Guide to Mistletoe

The most common host species for mistletoe include oaks, poplar, hawthorn and apple.... read more

Poinsettia Care

This may sound rather challenging but it is also fun and very satisfying to get your poinsettia into flower each year.... read more

Choosing a Perfect Christmas Tree

The scent of a ‘real’ Christmas tree in the room is one of the key factors in making a perfect Christmas.... read more

Garden Design Series: Focal Points

A focal point in a garden is a point of interest that either draws... read more

Garden Design Series: Pergolas

Modern gardens can benefit from the addition of a pergola as they give the opportunity to... read more

New App Launched

New project monitoring app launched read more


Dahlia are regaining popularity and are not difficult to look after and propagate if you understand a few basic principles. Dahlia are classed as tender perennials which means that although they live for several to many years they are not read more
Viburnum plicatum mariessii Inspired Garden Design

Viburnums for all year interest

With Chelsea 2015 plant of the year being named as Viburnum kilimanjaro ‘Sunrise’ it seems fitting to have a look at some of the best Viburnum sp. for flowers across the seasons. If you like the flowers of Viburnum Kilimanjaro read more

Easy Cut Flowers from Seed

Cut flowers bring the outdoors into your home and with them they add fragrance, colour and texture.... read more

Know your spudz

Did you know that potatoes are not root crops at all but actually the tubers... read more

Heritage vegetables – why grow them?

So what exactly are ‘Heirloom’ and ‘Heritage’ varieties? read more

An Article Feature on Modern Garden Water Features

.....different ways of using water in modern gardens. read more

We were featured on Homify!

We have recently been featured on Homify.... read more
Snowdrops and Crocus

Jobs for the Garden in March

....fresh buds on the trees and the eruption of shoots from the warming soil. There is no better time to get out in the garden! read more

February in the garden

Sexy Rexy or Buxom Beauty? The snowdrops maybe in full bloom right now, but as February marks the month of love, there is another flower which cannot go unmentioned. This is of course the Rose. Roses have been the symbol read more

January in the garden

Forever Green If you didn’t manage to get out into the garden to do a bit of pottering over the festive period, I hope you had the chance to take a stroll in a beautiful green space for some fresh, read more

Our French inspired oasis

Garden design in Sheffield produces a continental look read more

Exciting News

It is with great pleasure to inform you that we have recently moved offices to Renishaw Hall. read more

Are you looking for the perfect job?

Baslow Hall are looking to recruit a part time gardener with knowledge of plants and vegetables to help maintain their beautiful gardens. The work involves caring for flower borders, tending and harvesting vegetables in raised beds and generally maintaining the established garden. This read more

Your garden in July

As I take a break from the heat of the mid day sun perched under the shade of a Banyan tree ..... read more

Your Garden in June

How very English At a time when I’m making preparations for my summer holidays and browsing through pictures of tropical locations, I can’t help but compare them with the images of England that I hold in my mind. It wasn’t read more

Contain your excitement!

The month of May is my favourite in the garden as there’s so much going on. Fun jobs to do, new flowers blooming daily ... read more

What is a focal point?

Have you ever though the border in your garden is missing something, that the courtyard is a little bare, uninteresting and needs that little bit of, oh, i don’t know what? Then what it probably needs is a focal point.  read more

Every good show needs a great support act

Every good show needs a great support act .. … and every good flower border needs great plant supports too. Plant supports are one of those things in life where it’s so much easier to be prepared. By placing wire read more

Snowdrops are here at last

I cant believe its February already and as we progress through the months with speed, my thoughts are drawn to spring. The days are very slowly getting longer, but the temperatures seem to be getting colder. During autumn, when I read more

Winner of Channel 4’s Grand Designs ‘Garden Designer of the Year’

Winner of Channel 4's Grand Designs 'Garden Designer of the Year' read more

Pro Landscaper Magazine

"Designing my own garden was the hardest one I've ever had to do" read more

Grand Designs Live 2012

Grand Designs is back! read more

Back to School

September days can often be hot and sunny and the soil will definitely still be warm after the heat of the summer, but this month also signals great, if not subtle change.  The days are noticeably shorter and the first read more

More garden makeovers please

Things have gone a little quiet on the gardening TV makeover front, and I wish they’d bring back Homefront.  What a fabulous programe.  I’d love to indulge myself as a designer by creating fabulous new gardens for people with crazy read more

Game of croquet anyone?

The Great British summer July is the beginning of the school holiday period, and as many people dream of their annual trip, there’s no better place I’d rather be than a garden. Whether I’m surrounded by the sweet smelling jasmine read more

Gold award at the Harrogate Flower Show

‘The Writers Pad’ wins Gold award at the Harrogate Flower Show 2012. ‘The Writers Pad’ is the perfect place to sit and write her next novel.  This serene pocket garden is relaxing and peaceful and allows the imagination to wander.  read more

Gardening Talks with Tea and Cake

The Aston Hall Hotel offered a fantastic venue to hold a wonderful afternoon full of gardening ideas and inspiration.  Hosted by our Chief Designer, Lee began by introducing the concepts which explain why humans feel the need to garden, then moved read more

Example Articles – written to order

If you publish a monthly magazine, please enquire about our article writing service read more