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The Back Yard Makeover

Posted on 23rd February 2012

“I’m thinking of buying a house in Sheffield which I have fallen in love with.  The only thing is that the garden is tiny and dark.  If I buy the house, is there anything you can do?”  This was a telephone message we received a year before we started work on the garden, and its a common question.  The answer was of course yes!

There must be thousands of these gardens all over Yorkshire, and this project in Sheffield was a great example of an instant makeover on a low budget.

The existing area was very dark and uninteresting, with paintwork and walls covered in a heavy dark blue, and Elastoplast peach!

The only plant worth saving was this beautiful Acer palmatum ‘Blood Good’.  A well established plant which would add contrasting leaf colour and a sense of maturity to the new garden.

The garden was created on a very limited budget, so we decided to reuse some of the existing paving slabs.  After a good clean up, they were re-laid level and re-pointed.

The paving was edged using reclaimed bricks (many from the house where the windows had been removed and new wooden French doors installed).  This gave the garden a feeling of maturity.

The planting is simple, mixed, colourful and most importantly shade loving, as in parts this north facing garden gets no sun at all.

The bistro style furniture set gives a wonderful place to sit and enjoy morning coffee or dinner with friends.