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Take a trip down memory lane in this cute cottage garden

Posted on 29th June 2013

The romance of a cottage garden is something many people desire, but are they as easy to create as people think?

“For years I had always wanted to have my garden professionally designed, and when I moved into my new house and saw this blank canvas, I knew I just had to do it”

The existing garden was as most people would describe ‘a tidy little garden’.  Surrounded on all sides by a new fence and dotted with shrubs, this bare and uninteresting garden only had one focal point … the washing line!



That was until the diggers moved in!  We stripped the garden back and removed the existing plants to make way for the exciting new design.

“I know its not a very big garden, but I’d like you to create a series of small rooms, with gates leading from one to the next.  I would love to grow a variety of cottage garden perennials, and have a structure to grow a Wisteria”


And that is what you shall have!  We removed the lawn and didn’t plan on re installing a new one.  The weekly maintenance of a lawn in such a small space, is (in my opinion) a real chore and a waste of time.  Yes, like most people i enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass, but the lawn would be so small, and the mower so heavy there just seemed no point (plus then there’s more room for plants!!)


The garden is based around a circular gravel seating area, where a bench is sited by the gently rippling water feature.  Borders surround the area and post and rope swags, allow climbers to ramble over them.  The sweet smelling Roses are intertwined by the gentle Clematis  whilst the huge flowers of the Wisteria dangle from the over sized pergola.

 “Lee comes back to see me and my garden twice per year, just to do an annual check up (though I’m not sure if its to check up on me or the garden!).  Lee was very involved with the project, and has a genuine passion for his work, which is obvious when you meet him.  We have become good friends since the garden was completed and often enjoy tea and cakes in the garden … whatever the weather”

Whilst the garden is not low maintenance, it was never designed to be.  The client enjoys pottering in the garden daily, but the tasks are never too strenuous.  A light prune here and a snip there are all it requires throughout the summer.  Fed in spring and watered in a dry spell, the garden just needs a light weed now and again until it is cut back in autumn.